Yes, They’re Still Remaking THE RAID

The film no one wants now has a likely director.

It's not that The Raid tells an altogether original story. It's not that the characters are all that special on paper. And it's definitely not the massive amounts of nudity. We love The Raid because of its execution, something that can be imitated but not repeated.

The existence of an English remake of The Raid dates back to 2011, but so far we haven't heard much. Our grace period ends today. The Wrap claims that Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes is in negotiations to direct the film, which already has a script written by Out of the Furnace's Brad Inglesby.

We haven't seen Expendables 3, so Hughes' action chops have not yet been displayed. He directed a pretty good modern western called Red Hill, but that film does not offer much of an idea of what he's up to, particularly when it comes to remaking a movie like The Raid.

I tend to go soft on remakes, and even when they're absolute garbage, I usually enjoy films with The Raid's plot structure. But I have a bad feeling about this one.

The Wrap article also indicates the Hemsworth brothers as actors for the film. I assume they mean Liam and Chris - poor Luke doesn't count.