Help Create Badass Digest Trivia… And Maybe Win $25

One category at Badass Trivia requires input from all of you.

Bummed that you're missing Badass Trivia at Jumpcut Cafe this Thursday, February 27th (doors at 6:30! Come early to get food! Game is at 8!)? Well, fret not - you can still get in on the action. One of the categories will be called "Survey Says," and it will require players to guess how the general audience responds to some questions. What I need from you guys is simple: 

Answer the questions below in an email to [email protected] At least answer as many as you want/can. Your honest opinion makes this round better! 

One respondant will win a $25 gift card to Amazon, which means you get the pleasure of helping out and also put yourself in the running for a paltry sum of money!

Here are the questions:

What's the most underrated Hitchcock movie?

What's the worst Spielberg movie? 

Fuck/Marry/Kill: The Man With No Name, Dirty Harry, Philo Beddoe

Name your favorite action movie heroine.

What's the funniest Bill Murray performance? 

What's the best FRIDAY THE 13th kill?

Best remake?

Worst remake?

Who is the scariest movie vampire?

What's the worst movie that ever won Best Picture at the Oscars?

Which is the best James Bond movie?

Name the best non-superhero comic book movie.

You can save only one Walter HIll movie from eternal destruction. Which is it?

What's the best movie spaceship?

Which non-Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger performance is best?

Answer as many of those questions as you can/want to in an email to [email protected] and I'll count up the answers and we'll play the round Family Feud style, with teams needing to figure out what was the most popular reply. And like I said, one of you will win $25 at Amazon! 

Thanks for your help, and please feel free to spread this around. The more replies we get the better the category!

And please - just reply in emails. I don't want teams seeing your response in the comments. If you are playing trivia next week, here's a clue to one of the category titles: "Universal Horrors." Do with that as you will.