Kurt Cobain’s Hometown Unveils Hideous Statue Of Nirvana Frontman

It's the tear that sells it.

Aberdeen Washington, home town of Kurt Cobain, declared February 20th, which would have been the musician's 47th birthday, Kurt Cobain Day. They unveiled the world's most ridiculous statue of the singer and they threw a party whose biggest draw was the guy who once was the naked baby on the cover of Nevermind. Also appearing: Kurt's guitar teacher. 

It's pretty weird that Aberdeen is latching onto Kurt so hard; he hated growing up there, and a lot  of his outsider angst was fueled on the muddy banks of the Wishkah. The town is hoping to turn itself into Nirvana's Graceland, although this statue of A CRYING KURT COBAIN doesn't make that goal seem promising. A nearby town is marking April 10th as Nirvana Day, which is a weird choice since it's the anniversary of the public vigil for Kurt's suicide where his note was read by an angry Courtney Love. Going for the birthday seems more tasteful.

Here's a pretty great news report about the statue, notable for the wonderful way the anchor describes Kurt: "a well-known heroin addict who shot himself 20 years ago." What a punk rock way to be remembered.