Protect Your Neck From This THE PROTECTOR 2 Trailer

Tons of crazy flipping action coming your way.

Tony Jaa is back to protect stuff in The Protector 2. Whatever it is he's trying to protect, he will be protecting it from RZA and possibly a lady wearing an outfit made completely out of seat belts.

Even with the aid of obvious computer effects, there's still a lot of crazy action going down in this trailer. Tony Jaa does the splits under a train. Tony Jaa jumps off a bridge. Tony Jaa almost gets his face chewed off Death Proof-style with a motorcycle wheel. And Tony Jaa fights with his foot on fire. That's about all the Jaa your dollar can get.

At risk of making people angry, I'm not the biggest Tony Jaa fan. He's pretty badass but offers no real character or personality for me to latch on to. The last of his movies I saw was Ong Bak 3, and the haunting memory remains. On top of that, RZA's line readings in this trailer are painful. That's normally part of the RZA fun, but in this case I'm not so optimistic. 

The Protector 2 will hit iTunes on March 27, but you can see it theatrically (depending on where you live) on May 2. If you don't, Tony Jaa will turn his knee into a rocket and shoot you on the top of your head.