UK AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Trailer Has Tons Of New Footage

Including some weird Norman Osborn stuff.

Before The Amazing Spider-Man came out Sony had released so much footage a guy was able to piece together a 20-minute version of the movie, beat for beat. The studio C&Ded the dude, but they perhaps didn't learn the lesson; the trailers and spots for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have that same overwhelming feeling of showing everything. 

But maybe they're not, or at least not yet. This latest UK trailer has a lot of new footage (mostly FX stuff, which I'm assuming has just been finished), including some interesting Norman Osborn material. It seems clear that Marc Webb is keeping up with the dangling plot thread from the first film, where Peter's dad may have had something to do with Peter getting powers, as we learn that Oscorp has been watching Peter his whole life. More than that, there's a brief moment where Chris Cooper's Norman Osborn can be heard talking with a clearly manipulated voice - is Harry as Green Goblin a fake out of some sort? Will dad end up as the real Green Goblin at the end of the film? 

I really like the way Spidey swings in this, which reminds me of one of the best bits in the first movie, the first person POV sequence. Here's hoping that sense of sweep and excitement is the driving force of Amazing Spider-Man 2 and not a bunch of junk about Richard Parker's secret experiments.