Deathwatch 2015: ENTOURAGE Takes On JURASSIC WORLD

Can Vinnie and the boys hold their own against dinosaurs?

Warner Bros has dated the infernal Entourage movie for June 12, 2015, putting the film directly in that slaughterhouse summer and also directly up against Jurassic World, the new dino film from Universal. It seems like this could be savvy counterprogramming, having the R-rated comedy against the PG-13 four quadrant film, but I suspect that even Entourage's subliterate brodience will be lining up to see the long-awaited return of the Jurassic Park franchise. 

I will tell you what this development has me thinking of - a crossover where Vinnie Chase and the boys are stranded on Isla Nubar, and they get slowly and painfully eaten alive by dinosaurs. I would pay double admission to watch Ari screaming obscenities at the velociraptors that are consuming his moist, glistening guts.