GHOSTBUSTERS III Is Still Happening, It Turns Out

Harold Ramis' death doesn't impact the new movie.

Some people took to social media with the one bright side of Harold Ramis passing away at age 69 yesterday: at least the ill-advised Ghostbusters III would likely fall apart. But it turns out the universe, cruel enough to snatch away one of the great comedy minds of our lifetimes, is also cruel enough to keep chugging along with Ghostbusters III.

Insiders tell the Hollywood Reporter that Egon Spengler would have only made a cameo in the new movie, which makes sense now that we have heard how ill Ramis had been for a while. Apparently he had been consulted in some fashion on the script - "He was always great to bounce something off of, and that will certainly be missed," is the quote - but had no other real involvement. 

Here's what has me worried: will all of the renewed interest in Ghostbusters and all the social media buzz about Ramis make Sony really push Ghostbusters III faster? This movie shouldn't be made, but if it must happen I'd like it to actually come from a place where there's a good story and good jokes, not just a rush to the finish line. I keep hoping the project will simply wither away, but I suspect that won't be the case. I do wonder if, with Ramis gone, the reticent Bill Murray finally gets his out. The guy hasn't wanted to make the movie, but if he can say he doesn't want to come back without the whole team, who would argue with him? And if Murray is out, does that hurt the film's chances of moving forward, even if he was just to be a cameo?