Holy Shit He’s Big: The New GODZILLA Trailer

You almost get a good look at the King of Monsters!

I've been iffy on Godzilla. I've heard some conflicted things coming out from behind the scenes, buzz that I can't quite reconcile. Is it a movie whose script was a mess and was barely salvaged or is it a movie that wisely focuses on Godzilla and makes the human story the backdrop? I've heard both (and when you think about it, depending on who you're talking to they're not irreconcilable positions). 

But one thing is for sure: Godzilla will deliver on giant monster spectacle. The new trailer, embedded above, is crammed with stunning shots of mayhem and destruction and that without a good look at the main monster. The trailer does give you the most fleeting of glimpses at another monster that Godzilla will fight - you can see his batwing-like leg for a split second - but it largely holds back the main man. Even so, everything else it shows is great. The jets falling into the water, the smashed Statue of Liberty (the Las Vegas version, it's worth noting), the flares against Godzilla... wow! And he's ENORMOUS.

The other cool takeaway: this is a direct sequel to the original Godzilla. I like that, although you have to wonder how they kept that attack on Tokyo a big secret in 1954.