Make Your Own God Damme Van Damme Movie

Think controlling Van Damme is easy? Give it a try, Spielberg!

I can't believe this escaped my attention for so long. Pretty much all things Jean-Claude Van Damme entertain me, especially funny things. Here's about the best funny Jean-Claude Van Damme thing ever and I almost missed it.

Almost but not quite. This contest doesn't end until March 3, so this is still valid current news. Here's what's going on: Funny or Die teamed up with Jean-Claude Van Damme and had him do a bunch of cliche action stuff in front of a green screen. If you are so inclined, you may download this footage and use it to reverse engineer a JCVD movie of your own.

Actually Jean-Claude Van Damme and some nerds explain it much better here.

Those who choose to make a movie can enter it into a contest. The prizes include a bunch of stuff. The deadline is March 3, so if you want to give it a shot, get on top of that right away.

To be honest, while I think this is a really cool idea, I have a feeling watching JCVD's green screen footage all by itself is probably more entertaining than many of the entries posted so far. They're all a little funny because it's impossible not to laugh at Jean-Claude Van Damme making fun of his action movies in front of a green screen. But the handful I managed to sit through left me a little disappointed.

So YOU need to be the difference I want to see in the world. Go forth and make the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie of all our dreams.