Badass Trivia Is TOMORROW!

Teams, get ready. 

This is just a last minute reminder that Badass Trivia at Jumpcut Cafe is TOMORROW NIGHT, Thursday February 27th. Doors open at 6:30 for food and drink service, but that ends at 8 when the games begin. Get there early and order the Hot Chicken - you'll be glad you did. 

If your team made the cut but will not be making it, please contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can get another team in. Email me at devincf at right away. There are plenty of folks dying to play, so please give them a chance to do so if you can't make it.

And if your team still doesn't have 4 people, this is a good place to recruit - or you can do it on our Facebook page.

I'll see you guys tomorrow, which is where we will also announce who won the Amazon gift card for our 'Survey Says' round! We got HUNDREDS of replies, so I'll be spending the whole night tonight tallying them. 

I'll be tweeting and Instagramming from the trivia night, so keep a close watch on my Twitter, @devincf. And big news: we're talking about bringing this to Austin and other Alamo markets in the weeks ahead. If you live somewhere near an Alamo you could well be competing in a future trivia night! And we're open to expanding beyond those locations, so stay tuned.