David Fincher Might Direct Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Movie

The SOCIAL NETWORK team reunites for more computing mayhem!

David Fincher is in early talks to direct Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The duo previously teamed up on the seminal The Social Network, which documented the early days of Facebook (remember when people were like 'A movie about Facebook? How could that possibly be any good? Give me a break!'?), so the idea of them reteaming to tell another important cultural computing story is really exciting.

Even more exciting: Sorkin's script isn't a traditional biopic. It takes three moments from the professional life of Jobs and dramatizes them. Each of the three moments is a half hour before a product launch, and it takes place backstage just before he goes out to announce another Apple device - like the iPhone - that would have a major impact on the culture. It's an incredible and ballsy idea, and I can see why it would appeal to Fincher. It's such a unique way to tell this story. 

Talks are still early, but here's hoping. Fincher's exacting direction and Sorkin's exacting dialogue are, based on The Social Network, a match made in heaven.