The FARGO TV Teaser Is Both Boring And Exciting At The Same Time

Billy Bob scrapes a windshield. That's it.

It's easy to get down on some projects, especially when they spin-off from or remake beloved properties. That's not because we are bad people but because our negative assumptions are so often proved correct. When it comes to the upcoming Fargo limited series, however, we might have something to anticipate without dread.

FX released a brief teaser for the show today. To be honest, it's a little boring. But its lack of typical trailer enticements is also pretty cool. It doesn't need a big cast roll call or flashy editing. Instead, the teaser simply asks you to sit up and wonder "What the fuck is this shit?"

Actually, the best Fargo news of the day is not this trailer but Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key's addition to the cast. As if Bob Odenkirk, Martin Freeman, and Glenn Howerton weren't enough to get you excited for this, now two of the funniest guys on TV have joined the cast with recurring roles. I can't wait for this.

Fargo will debut on April 15.