THE STAND Gets Yet Another Director

Somebody wake me when they actually make this thing. 

If you wrote a book about the making of The Stand it would probably be as long as The Stand itself. Warner Bros has begun talking with yet another director to make the adaptation of Stephen King's post-flu apocalypse novel, and this time it's the bright name of Josh Boone.

Don't worry, you've probably never seen anything Josh Boone has done. He released a film last year called Stuck in Love that no one saw, and his big movie, The Fault in Our Stars, isn't out yet. He's attached to a different Stephen King adaptation, Lisey's Story, but I imagine he'd jump at The Stand over that. The Hollywood Reporter has this charming, press-ready story about Boone's relationship with King:

Boone already has a King connection dating back to when he was 12 and King's books were banned in his household. The writer-director has previously recounted how he was forced to rip covers off of Christian books and tape them to King books just so he could slyly read them. The Stand however, faced a cruel fate: His mom found it under his bed and subsequently burned it in the fireplace.

Boone, still 12, wrote a moving letter to the author to which he responded by sending the boy a box filled with books, with a letter written in the front covers of the tomes. The act impressed his parents, who then lifted the ban.

The film has been dropping directors like they have Captain Trips - David Yates, Ben Affleck and Scott Cooper all came to the movie and quit. Part of the problem seems to be behind-the-scenes debates over just what the film is - is it a multi-movie story? Is it rated R? As of right now indications have The Stand being one R-rated movie. We'll see if that holds; by hiring Boone Warner Bros seems to be courting the teen market who will be drawn to YA adaptation The Fault In Our Stars.

Who's next? Six months from now, when Boone drops off, whose time will WB waste with this one?