Who Will Write THE SANDMAN To Sleep?

The only answer that matters: Not David Goyer.

The developing live-action adaptation of The Sandman is such a strange project. It often feels like a movie being made in that other dimension. The one where Avatar bombed and everyone really liked the Star Wars prequels.

But it belongs to us and will likely see the light of day. As of right now, we know Joseph Gordon-Levitt is producing the adaptation with David Goyer. Gordon-Levitt is probably going to star in the film but may direct as well. Neil Gaiman will serve as executive producer, which doesn't really mean anything.

Until today, we didn't know who would write The Sandman, however. Deadline reports that lucky job will fall upon the shoulders of Jack Thorne, writer of How I Live Now and liver of over two dozen generic action films judging by his name.

The story comes from a Goyer pitch, so his fingerprints may be on this thing no matter who writes it. But still, there exists at least a sliver of hope.