ANT-MAN Gains One Patrick Wilson

But who will he play?

With Edgar Wright at the helm and starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, pretty much any new info we get on Ant-Man is just gravy. Today we find that one lump in that gravy will come in the form of Patrick Wilson.

No stranger to super heroics and erection problems (should they come up), Wilson will play a character that has not yet been confirmed. It's the part he was born to play! There is speculation that he might end up being Darren Cross. I have no idea who that is though, so I don't buy it.

Ant-Man will come out during the 2015 summer movie bloodbath, but chances are good that it might actually survive. Edgar Wright movies are hard to dislike. Marvel movies are hard to dislike. And Paul Rudd is hard to dislike. That all adds up to a movie that will likely prove very difficult to not enjoy. And enjoyable films always do well!