Badass Exclusive: See A Bonus Feature From THE GRANDMASTER Blu-ray

The Oscar-nominated Ip Man film is out on DVD and Blu March March!

The Grandmaster, Kar Wai Wong's film about Ip Man and Bruce Lee, is without a doubt the best Ip Man film in a crowded field. It's beautiful and sorrowful and surprising, and it's out on Blu-ray and DVD March 4th!

We're happy to premiere an exclusive bonus feature, as Shannon Lee talks about her father, Bruce Lee, and his instruction under Ip Man. Ip Man continued to privately instruct Lee after he was asked to leave the martial arts school because other students had learned that Lee was a quarter Caucasian.

If you haven't seen The Grandmaster yet, see it, and be sure to grab the film on March 4th. You can pre-order it at the link below!