FAST & FURIOUS 7 Gets Back On The Hog In April

And by "hog" I mean car. And by "on" I mean in. Clearly I want a sequel to TORQUE.

Tragedy struck Fast & Furious 7 last Thanksgiving with the sudden death of Paul Walker, leaving the film in a really uncomfortable place. Do they scrap everything and start over? Do they continue with Paul Walker's brother as a stand-in? Do they kill the character or let him ride out of the series alive and well? Walker's scenes were over halfway finished but the stuff not yet shot was apparently of great importance to the plot.

In the time since, the film has been rewritten to make use of the scenes Paul Walker already filmed and also to retire his character. So Brian O'Conner lives (according to THR's insiders, anyway). And with that business taken care of, the film can finally resume shooting.

James Wan and company will begin filming Fast & Furious 7 again on April 1. According to THR's insiders, the shoot has an estimated six to eight weeks left to go before completion, which gives Wan almost a full year to prepare the film or its April 10, 2015 release date, after which it will make a million billion dollars.