Watch The Ethan Embry Of CHEAP THRILLS Impersonate The Ethan Embry Of EMPIRE RECORDS

These are super different Ethan Embrys, understand.

CHEAP THRILLS Share To Dare #3: Self-Impersonation from Drafthouse Films on Vimeo.

The team behind Cheap Thrills is embarking on a mission to do a whole bunch of dumb dares for fans. All folks have to do is share the film's website on Twitter and increasingly alarming challenges are unlocked for Cheap Thrills stars Ethan Embry and Pat Healy, producer Travis Stevens and Drafthouse Films CEO/Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League.

Some good stuff's been unlocked already, but the really gross, horrifying challenges are still to come.

But this is a good one! See, here's Ethan Embry in Cheap Thrills:

And here's Ethan Embry in Empire Records:

Miles apart, right? But a true actor never abandons his roots, so Embry took the challenge of impersonating his younger, sweeter, more chemically altered character. See the video above!

Here are the other two unlocked dares, by the way:

Pat Healy does a naked bearskin rug photo shoot, a la Burt Reynolds:

And Tim League takes a shot out of his own shoe - at 50,000 feet mid-air, mind you!

Keep daring if you want to see these guys put live mice in their skivvies, make out with a senior citizen (I'll take that dare!), watch porn with their parents (god no) and drink an entire bottle of A-1 steak sauce.