So what if it's not actually Sunday anymore?  

We're a little late with this week's edition of Badass Sunday Comics (you will note, for instance, that it is no longer Sunday, and that the name of the column has not been changed to Badass Monday Comics), so I'm gonna skip the usual jibber-jabber and just let you guys get right down to it: this week's batch of strips comes to us from regular contributors Nathan Morton, Diarmaid Hanly, Josh Edelglass, Spencer Moore, Daniel Estrella and the two-man team of Igan Takor and Drei Drachen. Check out their latest efforts in the space below.

Note: I'm particularly fond of Moore's 12 Angry Men and a Baby (must... not... make... Serbian Film joke...), but that's probably just because I like anything that reminds me of Steve Guttenberg.

Got a strip you'd like us to include in a future installment of Badass Sunday Comics ? No problem: meet me after the comics to find out how to make it happen.

Interested in turning in your own strip for the next installment of Badass Sunday Comics?Awesome! We welcome every kind of creator here, from the greenest amateur to the most seasoned of veterans. Submissions don’t need to be particularly funny or cartoony or colorful; they just need to be creative and film-related (and no more than 556px wide). Funny, scary, depressing, surreal—we want variety, so feel free to go wild.

Send whatever you got into LimitedPaper(at)Gmail(dotcom), and I’ll let you know if you’ve made the cut. Badass Sunday Comics #7 will run on March 16th, which means you have a little under two weeks (deadline’s March 14th) to have your strips turned in.