Watch Father Of Two, Business Owner And Cultural Guardian Tim League Piss His Pants

This is certainly a Cheap Thrill.

When Tim League called me and asked me if I wanted to start a website that would celebrate the kinds of movies and activities the Alamo Drafthouse stood behind, I agreed immediately. I respected and loved Tim from the minute I met him - he's a smart guy with incredible taste and a strong passion for bringing good movies and even better times to as many people as possible. Over the years I've known Tim he has achieved national headlines for the Alamo's strict 'no talking/no texting' policy, he's started an indie film distribution company that has earned two Oscar nominations, he has continued to be a driving force behind Fantastic Fest - the best film festival on Earth - and he has been a steadfast supporter of my big mouth and the community we've been building here at Badass Digest. He's also been the father to beautiful twin girls and he's been a strong friend to me. 

But there's another side of Tim League, and I couldn't be happier to share it with you all. It's the side of Tim League that has gotten me incredibly hungover, beaten up in a boxing ring and allowed me to have some of the best, craziest nights of my life. Tim League is a guy who comes up with all the best, dumbest stunts and is most willing to go through with them. Like the stunt above - a dare for Cheap Thrills. The dares were submitted by you, the Badass Digest community, and they've been pretty great. Sharing Cheap Thrills on social media has unlocked an escalating series of dares, and the latest had Tim, Pat Healy (star of Cheap Thrills), producer Travis Stevens and director EL Katz sit in a bar and drink beer until one of them pissed their pants. It took a little over an hour, and it was - of course - Tim.

There are still more dares to unlock! Go to the Cheap Thrills site and find out how you can unlock the next dare, which will see a member of Team Cheap Thrills making out with a senior citizen. And watch Cheap Thrills! It's on Time Warner, Cox Comcast and Brighthouse VOD now, coming to theaters later this month. I actually love this movie, and I think you will too.