James Mangold To Bring Travis McGee To The Big Screen


It looks like another literary badass is coming to the big screen. This one is named Travis McGee and he will arrive courtesy of James Mangold. And while Mangold's old world ancestors made a name for themselves as killers who cover their victims head to toe in gold, James just makes movies.

There are twenty-one Travis McGee books out there, and while I have sampled from the likes of James Bond, Alex Cross, Jack Reacher, and Parker, I have to confess to never reading a Travis McGee book. In fact, I'm not sure I'm ready to sign off an a guy like this with a name like that. It makes him seem like the Phish of crime fiction heroes or something.

I do warm to him, however, when I read that the character is a beach bum. I like that. Mangold will direct a Dennis Lehane adaptation of the first McGee book, The Deep Blue Good-By, which Fox has long wanted to get on the big screen, at one point starring Leonardo DiCaprio. If people like it, we're going to be stuck with this series for a long, long time.