Now We’re Rebooting The BACK TO THE FUTURE II Hoverboard Hoax

2015 is going to be a goddamned nightmare, by the way.

When Back to the Future II came out there was a behind the scenes special where everybody involved pretended that the Hoverboards featured in the film were real. To a whole generation of dumbshits - my generation and those a bit younger - this was taken as gospel, and every schoolyard was filled with whispers of how the feds were suppressing real hoverboards because of safety. I report to you now that the thirty years since have seen no appreciable increase in human intelligence, as a new version of this same hoax took the interent by storm today. Yes, people are excited about this YouTube video featuring hoverboards.

What is this commercial - featuring Moby, Terrell Owens, Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd - actually for? The site for HUVr - the company that is supposedly making the product - has a countdown to December 2014, when the product will supposedly be available. Some speculate that it's a viral announcement for Back to the Future IV. There's a Back to the Future musical in the works, so maybe that's what this is all about. I'm kind of burnt out on this viral stuff (the reality is never half as good as the promise of the viral fun), so I'm having a hard time actually caring. 

This leads to a larger issue: how long until the internet has totally ruined Back to the Future for me? I love the films, but the approaching year 2015 - the year Back to the Future II is set - has already begun stirring up BTTF overkill. By 2015 I fear we're going to be inundated in bad, stupid Back to the Future stuff, just buried in a wave of blunt nostalgia. You can overdo something, and nothing overdoes stuff like the internet.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Vivek Bhat, who points out that Funny or Die is behind this, as evidenced by this Google cache of the costume designer's resume. What's the larger point? Who knows! Funny or Die usually hits the mark, so I'll hold my skepticism for now.