BREADCRUMB TRAIL: Trailer For The Slint Doc!

And LA, Philly, San Fran: See the movie with members of Slint and Lance Bangs in person!

Slint's Spiderland is one of THE albums. Of all time. I listen to it a lot, and its haunting post-rock sound is timeless and remains as amazing today as when I first heard it in 1991. Slint released only two albums - the rarely heard Tweez and Spiderland - but their impact is incredible. Now Lance Bangs has documented their story, and with them the story of the wonderful 90s Louisville scene (also from that scene is Rodan, whose Rusty is possibly my favorite album ever in the history of albums. Seriously). The movie, Breadcrumb Trail, is playing around a little bit and it'll show at three screenings in LA at the Cinefamily - March 11, 12 and 15. Members of Slint and Bangs are scheduled to be at the 11th & 12th screenings. 

I never saw Slint live, and never really knew much about them. They were a band who existed largely on vinyl for me, so the footage in this trailer is actually mind-blowing. They're KIDS, and they're making such dark, smart, deep music. That shot of the band playing Good Morning Captain and they appear to be 11 melted my brain. I cannot wait to see this movie.

Bangs is taking the movie on the road the next couple of weeks, so don't worry if you're not in LA. Here are the tour dates:

03-11-13 Los Angeles, CA - Cinefamily *
03-14-15 Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA *#
03-20 San Francisco, CA - Roxie Theater *

* Q&A with Lance Bangs
# Q&A with Slint's David Pajo

The doc will be included in the upcoming Spiderland box set that Touch and Go are issuing April 15th. Signed boxed sets are sold out but you can still get an unsigned edition!