SNOWPIERCER Gets Its US Release Date

This summer just got a lot cooler.

The Snowpiercer saga has gone on for so long now, I sometimes forget there's an actual movie at the end of this rainbow. Supposedly a good one, too. Or an okay one at least. People seem to be a little mixed on that score.

But we can say for sure that the film will come out on June 27, the same day as Transformers: Age of Extinction. While that may seem like stiff competition, don't forget that Snowpiercer takes place on a really cold train, which means audiences won't need to bring portable air conditioning units, hand fans, and water misters to the theaters with them. You will be plenty cold.

Once this finally happens, the Snowpiercer story will end. I do tire of it, but I am also a bit sad to see it go. The point is that I'll see it at all, I guess.