Teaser Reminds Us We’re A Month From MAD MEN!

Watch Don Draper get off a plane.

Mad Men's final season (the first half, anyway) begins April 13th. I could not be more excited to have the show coming back; it's one of my favorite TV shows OF ALL TIME, and yes I know that's a big claim and I'm sticking with it anyway. 

AMC has released this tiny teaser, which sees Don Draper getting off a plane. Where? Is he coming home to New York? Headed back to Los Angeles? I find it telling he's flying TWA - once the biggest airline in the world, now gone. That feels like a metaphor for Don's entire journey over the course of this series, going from a landscape over which he towered to a new world where maybe he's a relic and a memory. 

By the way, this means you have one month to catch up with the show if you haven't yet. You can do it, and it's worth it.