Jude Law Makes SUSAN COOPER Even More Appealing Than It Already Was

The new Paul Feig movie might be just a little bit awesome.

The Wrap reports that Jude Law is very close to making a deal to appear in Susan Cooper, the new Paul Feig-directed Melissa McCarthy vehicle. If you've seen Bridesmaids or The Heat (yes, The Heat), you don't really need Jude Law for this movie to sound exciting. If you've heard that Jason Statham is co-starring in the film as well, then you don't really need Jude Law for this movie to sound exciting either. But, lucky us, we get Paul Feig, Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, and (maybe) Jude Law. Holy smokes.

Susan Cooper is supposed to be a whole franchise for McCarthy. The premise's general gist is that she's playing a female James Bond type. So if you yearn for Melissa McCarthy roles where she isn't either threatening to shove a pineapple up someone's pee-hole or actually shoving a pineapple up someone's pee-hole, you might want to just skip this one and watch some Gilmore Girls.

As for me, I can take all the pee-hole pineapple shoving she wants to give me. If it's Jason Stathan's pee-hole, all the better. Jude Law's is a little less exciting, but I'm not going to complain about it or anything. A pee-hole is a pee-hole, and a pineapple is a pineapple. Put them together and just try to remain unmoved.