Zack Galifianakis Chats With Some Guy On New Episode Of “Between Two Ferns”

"Which country were you rooting for in the Winter Olympics?"

This has already shown up on every website there is. Even message boards built for Branson, Missouri glass blowers to complain about rude Silver Dollar City customers have probably already posted it. On top of that, it's all pretty much one big commercial for the Affordable Care Act, of which I already purchased three and no longer require pitches and contact info.

But I'm posting it anyway, because I like Obama. I especially like mad/mean Obama, an Obama we rarely get to see outside of Key & Peele. Here that Obama is on full display. Acting or not, this is about as irritated and filled with disdain as I've ever seen him, and I love it. He's a little scary, though.

Also, it's nice to hear the President of the United States disparage the Hangover series. I bet Bush loved them.