Five Possible Future Jedi Whiners

Welcome back to STAR WARS Casting Nonsense!

Just because there's going to be a new Star Wars movie soon, doesn't mean JJ Abrams and Company don't have to go through the steps of actually making it. That technology won't be available for at least another five years. Therefore, we get to enjoy months of goofy casting news!

Today Variety has a story about five young actors, all of whom are supposedly being looked at for the lead role in Star Wars: Episode VII. I'll tell you right up front that I know none of them by name and, again, my dad is not in the running.

Ed Speleers - You may know him from Downton Abbey or for having a last name that mashes together the words "spleen" and "peelers."

John Boyega - HOLY SHIT! You may know this guy from Attack the Block. HOLY SHIT!

Junior Matt Damon - This was already a thing. Except at the time of the original rumor his name was Jesse Plemons. He has since accepted his fate.

Matthew James Thomas - This guy has mostly made his name in theater. He's actually three brothers who share the same body, which gives him an obvious sci-fi advantage. His last name is Smith, but he doesn't use it professionally.

Ray Fisher - Another theater actor but with only one head.

Here's what I like: John Boyega! Here's what I also like: Two of these guys are largely unknowns. And one of them is an unknown to those who don't watch Downton Abbey, which is pretty much the same thing. While I would love to see John Boyega in the role - I'm kind of fond of Junior Matt Damon as well - I'm also into this new Star Wars going with a fresh face, like when George Lucas cast what's his name as Anakin.

The role is said to be a Jedi apprentice. No one knows how the character might be related to original trilogy characters, if at all. Obviously the race issue - it's rumored Junior Matt Damon might be a secret albino - puts a lot of speculation into question.