Hulk Villain Glenn Talbot To Appear On AGENTS OF SHIELD

Played by Adrian Pasdar.

Anybody still watching Agents of SHIELD? The show's ratings went up slightly last night. so some of you must be. Well, if you've been watching (or like me just simply paying attention online) you've seen that the show has finally started adding Marvel Universe characters to its cast. Deathlok, Sif and Lorelei have all shown up, and now the series will add Colonel Glenn Talbot, a longtime thorn in the Hulk's side.

Talbot appeared in the Ang Lee Hulk played by Josh Lucas; anyone hoping that the soft reboot of The Incredible Hulk left some of Lee's movie in continuity will realize that's not the case, as Talbot died in that film so he wouldn't be alive in the MCU. In the comics Talbot was an underling of General "Thunderbolt" Ross, and a huge asshole. The kind of a huge asshole who married Bruce Banner's sweetheart Betty Ross and who outed Bruce to the world as the Hulk. I assume he'll be a huge asshole in the show as well - why else would they get Profit's Adrian Pasdar to play him? (And seriously, check out the underrated, quickly canceled Profit. If that show aired today it would be huge)

As of now Talbot is set to appear in only one episode. Since it's unlikely the Hulk will show up, I wonder what his role will be - perhaps hunting down Coulson's team, who will likely have gone rogue by then? Is this enough to get me to actually watch the episode, which my TiVo will automatically record anyway?