Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Crush Everything With His Tank… For Charity

A hilarious promo video for the Governator's new charity fundraiser.

Last year I had the honor of riding Arnold Schwarzenegger's tank while he drove it. This year you could share that honor. He's raffling off a trip to Los Angeles to ride with him on his personal tank (yes, he owns it) and crush stuff. Let me tell you that this experience is beyond worth having.

The video above is a promo (shot by Kings of Summer director Jordan Vogt-Roberts) and it's absolutely hilarious and fun. He really captures the sparkle you get off Arnie in real life, and the thrill of watching a tank crush stuff - in this case stuff that includes a taxi, a piano and a huge roll of bubble wrap. 

Arnie, by the way, used to drive a tank in the Austrian army, so this isn't just some weird thing he's bought for himself. I mean, it is a weird thing, but it at least makes some sense. He says that he used to carry his weights on the side of the tank and taught the other members of the tank crew how to lift properly. And by the way, Arnie's tank lives on a Western ranch where Tarantino shot Django Unchained (among many other great Westerns), so this trip could be a major two-fer for you.

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