Badass Giant Monster Series ENORMOUS Gets A Teaser

Find out what happens after Godzilla sends us back to the stone age.

Nothing gets me quite as excited as gigantic monsters, and the upcoming Machinima web series, Enormous, looks like it might have the key to my Machinima web series heart. I don't really care if it's any good or not. It's a show about giant monsters. I don't have defenses when it comes to those guys. If one wanted to be my pet, I'd just have to risk the loss of my apartment and probable death of my dog. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

This teaser for the show doesn't have much in the way of monsters. But it does have ominous music, tons of people looking at offscreen terrors, and the promise of a world that has actually been overrun with huge beasts. Music to my ears.

Enormous adapts an Image Comics of the same name. The pilot, directed and co-written by BenDavid Grabinski, will debut on Machinima on March 20. And when that day comes, I plan on finding out what Machinima is and watching the Hell out of it.

Along with the trailer, here's a poster image, courtesy of Empire:

UPDATE: We're swapping out that old and busted poster for a much nicer version: