Lupita Nyong’o In Talks For STAR WARS EPISODE VII

The Oscar winner has met with JJ Abrams about a role.

You win your first Oscar. What comes next? This is a decision that has made - and broken - many an actor, especially those who win a supporting statue. Now Lupita Nyong'o - currently beloved (especially by white ladies. They ADORE HER) coming off of 12 Years A Slave - faces that dilemma. She's working in an industry where quality female roles are hard to come by, let alone for women of color. There are plenty of offers coming her way, and there's likely lots of money being thrown at her.

One of those attempting to throw money is JJ Abrams; Latino-Review reports that Nyong'o has met with the director about Star Wars Episode VII. The role? Not as part of one of the legacy families; the site's sources indicate she could be up for a Sith part. So she'd be Adam Driver's disciple? Or the other way around.

I still think that Ewan McGregor's status never fully recovered from the Star Wars Prequels, but who knows how these sequels will fare. It seems likely that Nyong'o could walk out of this unscathed. Cuba Gooding Jr's big post-Oscar thing was What Dreams May Come, and that hurt him and sent him on the path to Snow Dogs and Boat Trip and Pepsi Mini commercials; Star Wars feels big enough that it wouldn't reflect on her if it stank. And at any rate, JJ Abrams usually gets good performances out of actors, even if the movies they're in are garbage. 

What do you think? Do you want Lupita Nyong'o showing up in the Star Wars universe? Or do you think she should be concentrating on better roles?