AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 4 Gets A Predictable Setting

But that doesn't mean it doesn't have a lot of potential.

Everyone I know absolutely loved the last season of American Horror Story, which was called "Coven" and starred a bunch of witches, who - if I understand correctly - dig ditches for snitches with stitches. Then around the last few episodes, all that goodwill curdled into loud contempt. As a result, I have yet to watch the season and maybe never will.

But I still have positive feelings toward the show in general. Part of the fun built into its anthology structure is guessing where the next season will take place. It's sort of like the "True Detective Season Two" thing except way less obnoxious because the jokiest smartass guesses might as well be legitimate with this show.

On the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast, American Horror Story writer Douglas Petrie confirmed that season four will take place at a spooky carnival, probably the most obvious setting for the show next to an insane asylum, which they already did. That's about all we know, but you can at least get a head start imagining the most fucked up scary carnival possible only to have the show surpass it in every way. I imagine it's going to make CarnivÄle look like Glee. (Sorry for that last line, I'm trying to get a job writing for Access Hollywood.)