GODZILLA International Trailer Just As Badass As The USA Version

New footage! Some of it is even awesome!

As excited as I am for Guardians of the Galaxy, and the new Planet of the Apes, this summer is all about the Godzilla for me. Around this time last year I watched the entire Godzilla series (as well as the Gamera movies and a bunch of other monster stuff) and have totally fallen head over heels in love with the big lug.

But love is not enough. Otherwise, we'd all make excuses for the other American Godzilla movie. This one has my excitement not just because it's Godzilla, but because it looks so good. Here's how I know: I've seen both this and the last trailer a bunch of times and the most exciting thing is actually Bryan Cranston.

Enjoy this new look at the film. The trailer is a minute and a half of awesome followed by thirty seconds of obnoxious ads. Choose which one you watch wisely.