INCREDIBLES 2, CARS 3 In Development At Pixar

Disney's shareholder meeting begins revealing news.

Disney's big shareholder meeting is happening right now, and Bob Iger is delivering updates to all the company's stockholders. I'm sure there will be news rolling out over the next few hours, but let's start with the first big information to come from the meeting:

Pixar has Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2 in development right now. Cars 3 is both a 'no duh' and a 'who gives a shit' piece of news, but The Incredibles 2 is a pretty big deal. Iger says that Brad Bird is breaking the story right now; that doesn't tell us when we'll see the film (if it even comes to pass) but it is definitely in the hopper. Fans have been clamoring for more Randian superhero antics since The incredibles was released, and it looks like they'll be getting their Objectivist wish. Unless Bird pulls a Howard Roark and leaves all you leeches behind.