PEANUTS Trailer Is A Hideous Monstrosity That Assaults Your Childhood

Just kidding. Who really cares? We're grown ups, get over it.

I haven't checked online but I assume people are getting at least a little worked up about the trailer for the Peanuts movie (called Snoopy & Charlie Brown: A Peanuts Movie in the UK at least). After all, it takes the traditionally very 2D characters and turns them into 3D CGI things, and we have international treaties that say this is a Very Bad Thing. 

But who cares, really? We are well past the point of no return with the CGing of stuff, and it isn't like this is the eternal future of Peanuts. Somebody's going to do a 'retro' 2D version eventually. Also, this is a kid's movie. Stop worrying about it. You're a grown up.

What I liked is that it seems as though the film is eschewing the famous voice actors trend in animation, and that Snoopy isn't talking. As long as they keep the random children voicing the characters and have Snoopy only make noises, I'll be happy. I won't see it, because I'm a grown up, but I'll be happy in theory.