Check Out Captain America’s “To-Do” List From THE WINTER SOLDIER

It's from the opening scene, so minorest of spoilers.

How does a guy who has been frozen in ice for 70 years get caught up with the modern world? By taking recommendations, of course. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, carries around a little notebook in which he scribbles down things people tell him he missed and needs to experience. This image is from the opening scene of the film, so it's not really a spoiler, although it does reveal a nice little laugh. 

So why am I sharing it? Well, because it's cool and funny. But more than that, this for me explains exactly how the Marvel movies - and the Captain America films in particular - are getting it right. This is funny but it's also sweet, and it speaks so much to character. Not just who Steve Rogers is - the kind of guy who takes these recommendations seriously - but also the arc of the character in the movie itself. It's smart, agile screenwriting. Also, it's a good example of getting corporate synergy right - Star Wars is the only thing Steve has caught up on.

Oh hey - why didn't anybody tell Steve to catch up on The Beatles? Jumping straight to Nirvana?