Final AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Trailer Helpfully Shows Rest Of The Movie

Anybody else feel like we've seen A LOT of this film?

There's a final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it continues the tradition, launched with The Amazing Spider-Man, of giving you the sensation that you've already seen the entire motion picture. Last film a guy cut together all the released footage and made a short - but complete! - 25-minute version of The Amazing Spider-Man. I suspect the same could be done here.

This new trailer doesn't show us much that's new; rather it's largely different shots from sequences we've already seen, but that just makes me feel like I've already seen these sequences. There was a footage presentation on the Sony lot Monday, and while I wasn't able to get there (note to self: buy car), I hear that the footage shown (over 20 minutes) was quite funny, although plot-wise it seems as if this is an Orci/Kurtzman joint all the way - ie, unmotivated actions and plot turns that exist only to get the movie to the next point on the beat sheet. Also, it opens with an extended sequence of Peter's parents getting into a fight on a private plane. 

I've heard whispers that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn't tracking so hot, but it's still a little ways out from release. God knows that Sony is putting out enough material in an attempt to raise awareness. The next month should get crazy, even if this is the final trailer. But let's pretend, for a moment, that this film isn't as successful as the first one, which wasn't as successful as the original trilogy. Putting aside any quality considerations - ie, even if the movie is very good but doesn't quite hit with the public in the HUGE way Sony needs it to - what does this mean for Sony's plans to milk the Spider-Man franchise dry? Does it mean they've already milked it?