SPLINTER CELL Moving Forward With Doug Liman Directing Tom Hardy

Evan got a splinter cell from an old staircase once and it really hurt.

Is Splinter Cell one of those video games that has almost been a movie for many years now? I seems like one of those names. I imagine it's a game where a shadowy guy shoots people, right? Hey, I love movies like that!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Doug Liman is in final negotiations to direct the film, which will star Tom Hardy as Mr. Cell himself. The screenplay they're going with was written by American Hustle's Eric Singer.

The goal is to have the film in theaters by summer 2015, which is currently a wasteland of nothing just begging for action movies to take slots. Doug Liman's All You Need is Tomorrow But With a Slight Edge Starring Tom Cruise and The Edge, will open pretty soon, but we hardly need it to tell us what kind of director he is. As for Tom Hardy, he's great, and will probably look really cool while wearing tri-lensed night vision goggles and shooting people in the head.