A POWERS TV Show Is Flying To The PlayStation Network

My grandfather would be so profoundly confused.

If I heard currently, video game consoles are about to become their own TV channels. There was a big announcement that Steven Spielberg was going to produce a HALO show for the XBOX (supposedly hitting early 2014). Now there's a much smaller announcement that an adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis' awesome comic book Powers is coming to the Playstation. You don't play it, you dummy! It's going to be a show you watch.

Sony Pictures Television has been working on a Powers show for some time. At one point it was all set up to air on FX but never materialized. This will supposedly be a "brand new take" on the comic, which means it will star two lesbians from opposite sides of the tracks who can't decide whether to kill each other or fall in love.

If you haven't read it, Powers is basically a super-powered cop show. I read hundreds and hundreds of pages of it before losing track of the book (along with pretty much all other comic books) and seriously loved it.

Right now very little is known about how this is going to go down. They will make ten hour-long episodes with a script from Charlie Huston who, along with Falling Skies' Remi Aubuchon, will run the show. Everyone's going to start working on the show tonight. They plan to have a trailer by tomorrow morning and a couple episodes in the can by lunch.