Badass Interview: Miles Teller And Jai Courtney Talk DIVERGENT

Alamo Drafthouse DFW Creative Manager James Wallace got a chance to sit down with the stars of the new YA dystopian film.

Miles Teller & Jai Courtney talk DIVERGENT from Badass Digest on Vimeo.

Miles Teller and Jai Courtney have managed to navigate the shallow waters of Hollywood, both as young actors with fresh but impressive careers. In Teller's case playing mostly charismatic funny men (Footloose, 21 & Over), popping up in the occasional indie (Sundance favorite The Spectacular Now, the upcoming Whiplash, his debut in Rabbit Hole) and raising eyebrows as he does it with stellar performances and genuine acting chops. Courtney has made a name for himself in mostly blockbuster action films as heroes and villains alike in A Good Day To Die Hard and Jack Reacher, giving memorable performances in both.

But both actors will jettison themselves into the pop culture ether this year, first with the latest buzzed-about big screen YA adaptation, Divergent (out Friday) and its subsequent pre-greenlit sequel, Insurgent. And next into the fanboy stratosphere; for Teller that means playing Reed Richards AKA Mr. Fantastic in 2015's Fantastic Four reboot. For Courtney that means being the third actor to take on the role of Kyle Reese in 2015's Terminator: Genesis.

I recently sat down with Teller and Courtney to talk Divergent, Fantastic Four, Terminator: Genesis and what it's like to be in the jumpseat for takeoff, if there was any hesitation to put themselves there and how they sleep soundly at night with fan expectations and people being mean on the internet.