Just To Shut Us Up: Phil Lord And Chris Miller Could Direct GHOSTBUSTERS 3

A low blow from the joke movie gods.

How are we supposed to discuss Ghostbusters 3 if not with indignant disregard? I was not raised to have such complicated feelings, and do not know what I will do in this brief world where Chris Miller and Phil Lord might direct the film.

That's right. According to Nikki Finke, one of the most hated people I actually know very little about, Lord and Miller might be up for a little Ghostbusters 3 action. As everyone knows, justifying awful projects no one asked for is sort of the Lord/Miller specialty. This means we'll have to take back all the mean things we said when Ghostbusters 3 makes us all cry like a bunch of idiotic babies.

Of course, this could all be untrue. Or just true for the next five minutes. Or true forever. Or only true in the afterlife. This is probably the one announcement that could turn opinion around on the film, so I have no problem believing it was just made up to turn the fire down a bit. Or that it wasn't. I cannot commit!