Oh Shit, The STEP UP: ALL IN Trailer

If they win this dance competition, they get their own show, you guys!

The Step Up movies are the best movies. This is my franchise. This is my Fast & Furious. I've seen every Step Up movie several times, and they are all a complete blast. There's an interesting trend to the Step Up movies that I don't actually mind:

Step Up has a real story and real actors (Channing Tatum!), but only okay dancing. 

Step Up 2: The Streets has sort of a real story and sort of real actors, but great dancing. 

From there, the inverse effect goes into hyperdrive. Step Up 3D has almost no story and amazing dancing. Step Up Revolution is a giant vacuum of story and a complete maelstrom of dancing that will rupture your eyeballs right out of your head.

The fact that there is even dialogue that makes sense in the Step Up: All In trailer is something of a miracle. This movie is going to be nothing but ninety minutes of the coolest music video you've ever seen in your life, and I WILL LOVE IT. 

(If you're curious, the best Step Up movie is Step Up 2: The Streets, because it has the perfect ratio of great dancing and actual story, plus Channing Tatum makes a shirtless trampoline cameo.) 

But maybe I'm selling the story part of Step Up: All In a little short. After all, this will feature the getting-the-whole-crew-back-together storyline that Step Up 3D shortchanged, but with Andie this time! I missed her abs and her crazy ass-shaking. Camille, the Santiago twins, Hair, Vladd, Monster, Jason, Sophie, Jenny Kido and of course, the ultimate Step Up star and my number one fictional best friend, Moose - they're all back! 

In conclusion: