Check Out Some Cool Photos Of How COMMUNITY’s “G.I. Jeff” Episode Will Look

Gimmicky? Yes. Awesome? Probably, maybe, pretty sure, yes.

Community sure loves their gimmick episodes. And they probably should. Despite people's oft-stated disdain for cheap gimmicks in general, these tend to be the Community episodes we all bring up most when discussing the show. The secret is probably that these gimmicks, awesome as they can be, don't often come cheap. Instead they comment on the show in brilliant ways that are also really fun to watch.

This next one is kind of pushing it, but I choose to remain optimistic as I've enjoyed this new season a lot more than I expected. "G.I. Jeff," which airs April 3, apparently takes place all (or mostly, I guess) in a G.I. Joe animated world. I don't know why. I can't imagine what lessons this will teach the study group. And I don't care. It looks cool.

How cool? Entertainment Weekly has a few photos to give us an idea. I used one as the header image. Here are the other two: