Meryl Streep Is Going To Be In A Diablo Cody Movie Directed By Jonathan Demme

And she's going to play a friggin' rock star.

Meryl Streep, as in the Meryl Streep, as in Queen Actress of Acting, has signed on to star in a new movie scripted by the delightful Diablo Cody and helmed by Jonathan Demme, who hasn't directed a narrative feature since Rachel Getting Married. This is some seriously stellar news.

Variety reports that the film is titled Ricky and the Flash, and Streep plays an aging rock star who abandoned her family when she was young to pursue her dreams (as you do), but now that one of her children is going through a divorce, the aging rock goddess returns to try and reconnect with her grown-up offspring.

Cody most recently wrote and directed Paradise, which, even as the most staunch Cody defender, I can't defend that much. It's a sweet but kind of slight little movie, but directing may have spread Cody's talents a bit thin, and I'm thrilled to see her sticking to what she does best with what sounds like a promising screenplay. And it must be pretty damn good to draw the likes of the majestic Meryl.

I'm also super pumped to see Demme putting out another narrative feature, since Rachel Getting Married is a sublime piece of drama, and definitely on the same tonal level as Cody's Young Adult. So this is just a match made in movie heaven all around. Get Meryl's Oscar ready.