Wait, What if The Rock ISN’T Playing Lobo?

Maybe Devin could not smell what The Rock was cooking.

Just two hours ago I published a story called "The Rock Pretty Much Admits He's Playing Lobo," based on three clues that Dwayne Johnson gave to press while doing an interview about the Hercules trailer. Halfway through these clues, while sitting at the table across from him, I was certain the character he was describing was Lobo. The Rock had been connected to the character before, after all, and I assumed The Rock would be doing a solo movie with Warner Bros - after all, he's one of cinema's biggest action stars. By the time The Rock called his mystery character a 'badass motherfucker' I was certain that it was Lobo. I mean, he leaned on 'badass motherfucker,' and not many DC heroes fit that bill.

But within minutes of the story going up I was contacted by two different good sources. One was pretty blunt: "It's not Lobo," I was told. Who was it? This source didn't know. My second source was more circumspect, and confirmed it wasn't Lobo and then asked me, "Why does it have to be a hero?"

Which, wow. The nature of the conversation we were having had The Rock telling us he loved superheroes, and it seemed like he was going for a heroic part (it's worth noting that other stuff The Rock said after the interview was officially over make me quite very 100% convinced he's not playing John Stewart. Like, things that are not vague but that I don't have recorded). But if The Rock isn't playing a hero, which villain will it be?

I think it's Black Adam, a character to whom he has been connected in the past. Maybe they'll make Black Adam an antihero, instead of simply Captain "SHAZAM!" Marvel's nemesis? 

So perhaps I jumped to a conclusion. All of a sudden my sureness about Lobo has disappeared. A Black Adam movie? Or a SHAZAM! movie? Could this be why Marvel is doing Ms. Marvel instead of Captain Marvel - avoiding any headaches and hassles in advance?