Limited Edition CHEAP THRILLS Press Kits Now Available

Drafthouse Films' ace marketing department shows how to make Cheap Thrills a success in your town with this slick advertising/publicity guide and press kit.

(This letter is enclosed within each copy of the limited edition Cheap Thrills press kit sent to each theater show the film.)

Dear Theater Owner Person or Aspiring Regional Marketeer,

Enclosed you will find this highly practical, easy-to-read "grass roots" media and publicity guide our fierce marketing department at Drafthouse Films has prepared for our most excellent upcoming release, the thrill-shocker wallop Cheap Thrills. Please recognize this as your indisputable "treasure map to triumph." Deep within its thoroughly robust contents, you'll discover a wealth of acutely creative concepts that our team has concocted solely for your benefit. Read aloud slowly, use illustrative graphical examples and pointing tools when presenting to your mid-to-low-level staff to ensure your opening of "Cheap Thrills" is a massive, sizzling dazzle and we promise your theater will be the envy of the town! 

Does your local newspaper know that Cheap Thrills player Pat Healy also portrayed the delicate, doomed existence of an 'Alien Slave' on TV's Star Trek? Its true! Does your favorite lifestyle periodical know that this picture was filmed inside a prestigious Hollywood establishment? Have you thought of serving dog food at your concession stand? The actual correct answer to all these questions is a stern "no," as you have yet to harvest the rich knowledge contained within this helpful little kit and persisted them into impactful, real-world scenarios.

Keep that freshly popped popcorn poppin' and make sure to save us some!

And, if you are interested in ordering ad mats or the special poster standees for your lobby, please contact our favorite secretary Kirby Pepper.


The Drafthouse Films Marketing Dept.

***Click the below image to view the Cheap Thrills marketing and publicity guide. You can pre-order your very own press kit autographed by stars David Koechner, Pat Healy, Sara Paxton, Ethan Embry and Director E.L. Katz right here. And the above letter was actually not sent to anybody.

Cheap Thrills continues its run in Los Angeles this weekend at The Crest Theater and Alamo Drafthouse locations in Austin. It will expand this week to New York City's Cinema Village Theater, The Roxie Theater in San Francisco and the Harkins Valley Theater in Tempe, AZ. For more upcoming dates please visit the official website