The Second JUPITER ASCENDING Trailer Descends Onto The Internet

It starts big and crazy, then gets BIG and CRAZY.

People talk a lot about whether Guardians of the Galaxy will end up too nerdy for mainstream audiences to accept. But the better subject for that test might be Jupiter Ascending, which appears to have all the risky cosmic details of Guardians but without the Marvel brand or a cool talking raccoon.

This trailer (and the posters released earlier today) offer a great example. This movie looks full of bombast and great summer movie action, but it also looks a bit goofy. You have Channing Tatum as some kind of werewolf fairy, Mila Kunis as some kind of Dorothy Gale, Sean Bean as some kind of future dead guy, Eddie Redmayne as some kind of sickly, crybaby villain, and lots and lots of space stuff. That's a lot for the aunt and uncles of the world to accept into their hearts.

All I can tell you is this: I was just okay with the trailer. Then I saw some kind of giant winged beast thing, and it totally won me over. Whatever your movie, if you want me to like it, throw in a giant winged beast thing and I'll put up with all the albino strippers you want.

Jupiter Ascending opens July 18. Did this trailer do it for you, or are you waiting to see more?