Badass Giveaway: See CHEAP THRILLS Hosted By Devin And Featuring Ethan Embry!

Two opportunities. Five lucky pairs of winners.

Have you seen Cheap Thrills yet? Because it's awesome. EL Katz's feature debut offers laughter, thrills, social commentary, and a whole bunch of crazy antics that I defy you to dislike. It demands to be seen. And if you've already seen it, it demands to be seen twice.

And what better way to see it than hosted by BAD's own Devin Faraci with Cheap Thrills star Ethan Embry in attendance? The Crest Theater in Westwood (I believe that's a Los Angeles place) will host two such screenings: one on Friday, March 28 and another on Sunday, March 30. Both screenings will feature a post-movie Q&A with Embry.

We are giving away five pairs of tickets to anyone who wants to go. All you have to do to enter is email Meredith ([email protected]) your name and which of the two showings you'd like to attend with your plus one. You don't have to drink a gallon of milk or cut off a toe or anything like that, so it's a real bargain. Those who don't win should totally attend anyway because it's going to be awesome.