GODZILLA Footage Reveals Why Bryan Cranston Hates The King Of The Monsters

It also reveals lots of people dying. 

Today's Godzilla presentation at CinemaCon gave us a peek into the human story behind the monster story. It also gave us lots and lots of disturbing destruction, including a devestating tsunami that kills hundreds as Godzilla wades to shore on some South Pacific island. 

It turns out that Bryan Cranston is an engineer at a nuclear power plant, where he works with his wife, Juliette Binoche. It seems like a normal day... until a strange seismic event shakes everything and a meltdown begins, and Binoche is right in the middle of it. Cranston runs down to the evacuating area only to see a radioactive cloud rushing at him. He knows his wife is still in there, but he has to slam shut a containment door or risk contaminating everything. She comes running to the window of the door just as further steel doors close, cutting them off and leaving her to die. The nuke plant goes on to completely collapse.

But Cranston knows that the seismic event wasn't an accident or an act of god. He knows something else was behind it, and that drives him as Godzilla begins to attack coastal cities.

The scope of the footage is impressive; the scale of the destruction is actually upsetting. It's interesting to see Gareth Edwards' approach to this - there's no disaster porn on display. Every bit of destruction is felt, not cheered on. This makes Godzilla appear to have a really strange tone for a blockbuster summer release.